Get to Know Us

Civil Engineer - Aaron loves the “techy-side” of life.  He has a unique ability to develop creative and efficient solutions for technical problems.  Aaron applies his abilities in his role as a Civil Engineer, as a key member of our Technology Team and

Graphic Designer - Allison is a true creative spirit with a gift for interpreting the world around her in the most expressive of ways.  Whether it be through her humor; the slight tilt of her head when she is figuring out a problem or the way she can illustrate a m

CAD Operator -  A self-proclaimed “CAD Geek,” Andy loves technical drawings.  He also loves doing work that serves a greater good.  Here at Kingscott, Andy has found the opportunity to do both.

Mechanical Designer - Bill is Kingscott’s Guy Next Door.  He doesn’t seek to stand out in the crowd but his quiet confidence makes him shine.  Bill is focused and goal oriented no matter his path. 

Marketing Manager - Blaire strives to make each day better than the last and to stay on the leading edge of marketing activities. She’s responsible for facilitating effective communication with partners, clients and stakeholders.

President, Director of Educational Planning  - Brendon defines success as helping other people. Back in 1989, Brendon started out at Kingscott as an intern, creating ink drawings of completed buildings for the marketing department.

Construction Administrator - Brian is the kind of guy you can always count on.  He is steadfast in his commitment to providing high-quality service that is complemented by his attention to detail and dedication to a job well done.  He’s always willing to go t

Mechanical CAD Operator - Calvin believes in the old saying, "If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life." He lives his life with an integrity and purpose that is enviable.

Principal, Director of Architecture - Dan has always been torn between two loves – architecture and aerospace. He almost went into the Air Force Academy. He went so far as to be appointed to the academy.

Interior Designer - As an Interior Designer, Dana thrives on creativity and collaboration. Dana came to Kingscott as an intern while still attending Western Michigan University.

Principal, Director of Client Services  - David loves getting the job done right.  He thrives in the detail and seeks satisfaction in a job well done.  It is not enough to meet expectations but rather David’s goal is to exceed in all he does.  This

Receptionist  - As receptionist at Kingscott, Emily helps keep us running at peak performance. She has grown up with Kingscott and in the architecture and engineering world.

Mechanical Engineer - Hady is a great asset to our Mechanical Engineering team.  Hady is calm and proficient, able to provide accurate solutions in high-pressure situations.  His strong work ethic, reliability and dedication to the success of his team allow him to

Chief Operating Officer  - Heather knows how to get her foot in the door. Literally. When she first saw the Kingscott HR Manager ad in the paper, she called and found out that there were already over 50 applicants for the job.

Interior Design Support  - Jane is organized, professional, and ready to handle any task thrown her way. Her career path includes work as an Interior Architect, a sales rep for a furniture systems company, and a full-time mom. Jane is also an active volunteer.

Civil Engineer  - Jason is a hard worker, putting his heart and soul into achieving his goals. He tackles difficult site plans with determination.

Mechanical Engineer Designer - Jeremy grew up in the maritime province of Nova Scotia and has dual citizenship in Canada and the US.   Jeremy is family oriented and enjoys all things basketball and mechanical.  He appreciates the opportunity to learn as much a

Project Coordinator  -  Jeremy was one of those kids who would ask for toys just to see if he could take them apart and put them back together.

Architectural Graduate  -  Jessica has an eye for detail and accuracy. She also loves being a part of a team where ideas flow and her questions find answers. Jessica’s dad worked in construction. Watching him bring home blueprints sparked her imagination.

Senior Electrical Engineer - Jim is a tenacious problem solver by nature. This serves him well in his role as Senior Electrical Engineer.

Project Coordinator  - Whether it’s meeting with clients, conducting building assessments, or compiling construction documents, John approaches all aspects of his work with energy and enthusiasm.

Mechanical Designer - Joe is a no non-sense kind of guy.  He works hard so he can play hard.  Joe rarely does anything half way.  His motto is, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Senior Project Architect - Karl knows how to keep a team together. His nearly 30 years of experience on projects big and small, gives him the expertise to know what steps must be taken and how to keep the communication lines open to get a job done.

Electrical CAD Designer - Karla can always be counted on to get a job done well and help her team. She attended Ferris State University and after graduation put her roots down in West Michigan.

Project Coordinator  - Completing construction documents to produce awesome buildings is what drives Karol Bartlam. She’s also adept at coordinating her team members to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Architectural Graduate - Lamont is passionate about developing creative solutions for design and architecture that exceed expectations and encourage new perspectives.

Interior Designer - Laura possesses a genuine interest in the well-being of others, and dedication to accomplishing every job at the highest standard possible.

Project Director - In a 38 year career that started in Wisconsin, traveled into Texas and ultimately landed in Michigan with Kingscott in 1989, Lee’s passion is focused on K-12 educational planning, design and delivery.  His primary role is bond planning, team lea

Senior Administrator - Lisa keeps daily operations at Kingscott running smoothly and efficiently. She’s been with us for 35 years and it’s safe to say, there’s no one better suited to keeping our house in order.

Project Manager - Mark Reile utilizes his experience and listening skills to create the right solutions for projects from start to finish. Mark has always been fascinated with building things.  As a kid he loved to build forts and wander houses under construction.

Construction Services Manager - Mark is a team player committed to developing the right solutions for a successful outcome. He enjoys making the details of the design come to life during the construction process through his coordination skills and attention to details.

Architectural Graduate - Mary is a true original dedicated to the pursuit of happiness.  Although she comes from a family of engineers, she found a passion for architecture in high school.  She knew she had chosen the right calling while working to complete a

Human Resources Manager - HR Trusted advisor.  Implementer.  Fair and trusted.  People Oriented.  Funny.  Caring.  Connoisseur of shoes.  This is Maureen Weatherby. 

Accountant -  Mona is one of those rare talents who is good with numbers and people. Mona handles accounting at Kingscott on behalf of Nienhuis Financial Group.

Architectural Graduate - Nadine has a heart open to possibilities.  This may come from being a military brat where her travels began as an infant.  Or it may come from her natural curiosity for why things are, for what can be and for how to make the extraordinary a

Electrical Engineer - As an Electrical Designer at Kingscott, Nancy enjoys the design process and the collaboration between clients and project teams.  Professional and friendly, Nancy finds pleasure in working together to determine the clients’ needs and goals to

Operations Coordinator - Penny employs her exceptional organization skills to ensure our team’s schedule and goals stay on track. Penny is the Operations Coordinator at Kingscott and she’s been with us for over 28 years.

Design Architect - Peter is skilled at turning visions into reality. Peter works interactively with clients to create design options early in the project. Peter is very big on three-dimensional design.

Director of Engineering - Rob has a special talent for listening to and understanding people. An accomplished civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in his field, Rob is also a natural leader.

Senior Design Architect - Sarah has an exceptional talent for listening, really listening.  She figures out the right questions to ask, hears the answer, and then turns that answer into the right solution.  Sarah joined Kingscott over 25 years ago after a Kingscott

Senior Living Business Development Representative - Scott excels at making connections. He connects leaders in the senior living marketplace with design professionals who care about the day to day challenges of both owners and residents.

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Scott is an expert in design quality control and energy efficiency. Scott is committed to giving one hundred percent in every Endeavor he pursues. His design focus and strength is for HVAC and plumbing systems.

Jim is a tenacious problem solver by nature. This serves him well in his role as Senior Electrical Engineer.

Jim is a tenacious problem solver by nature. This serves him well in his role as Senior Electrical Engineer.

Architectural Graduate - A native of Southeast Michigan, Shawn lived in Pennsylvania from 2007 until moving back to his home state to join the Kingscott team in August 2015.

Project Manager - Tom Kloosterman has a natural talent for collaborating and mentoring; he knows how to make a team work. That’s why his role as a project manager is a perfect fit.

Civil Engineering Designer - Tyler utilizes his skills to contribute to the success of his team. He’s adept at planning, designing and managing construction projects. Tyler enjoys developing the right solution by listening to and working with clients.