Charles Nelson

"Charles has an eye for detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction."

Charles Nelson , AIA, LEED AP

Senior Project Director - From bond planning to overseeing budgets to design details, Charles is a skilled project manager who makes sure project goals stay on track and on time. Charles grew up in South Texas, roaming his grandparents’ farm, collecting tortoises, tarantulas, and horned toads. In elementary school, he fell in love with archeology and architecture and created Greek and Mayan civilizations on paper.  His love of biology led him to Baylor University to become an environmental ecologist, but he returned to his early passion, obtaining a degree in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. Charles is proud to be part of a team that creates buildings that support education.

A big fan of the novels of Barbara Kingsolver, Charles often spends his free time immersed in a good book. Or he might be out in his garden, on a lake, or traveling. Standing on the Acropolis for his 50th birthday was a dream come true for Charles.